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lady's story: Oral English tomorow !

Oral English tomorow !

ecox ade oral bahase inggeris fer class 4 sains.. waa~.. aquwh tataw lagi nieh moa bace ape.. nux kene memorize lagi.. atoi yai.. hums.. moa bace ape ek..?? poem okee ta..?? kea short story..?? kalau short story panjang sangat lah fulax.. huhu.. the point is ! aquwh tana panjang-panjang lebar.. aquwh just moa yang ringkas and easy too read.. soo~.. my decision i will choose ( macam nux buat soalan novel lah fulax .. hee~ ) poem " HE HAD SUCH QUIET EYE" .. poem nieh sesuai untox kaom perempuan.. soo, enjoy de poem in silibus form 4 ( poem )...


he had such quiet eye
she did not realise
they were two pools of lies
layered with thinnest ice
to her , those quiet eyes
were breathing desolate sights
imploring her to be nice
and to render him paradise

if only she'd been wise
and had listened to the advice
never to compromise
with pleasure-seeking guys
she'd be free from "the hows and whys"

now here's a bit of advice
be sure that nice is really meant nice
then you'll never be losing at dice
though you may lose your heart once or twice

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